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Top 10 Pharmacy Management Solution Companies in UK - 2021

With a rising demand for healthcare and falling budgets, governments and tax-payers are exerting pressure to drive down prices. Shifts in the business model and a refocus on new playfields can help pharmaceutical firms adapt to disruption. But even these changes are unlikely to generate the kinds of growth and revenue that shareholders demand. Only through a complete organizational transformation can today’s leading companies maintain influence and earnings.

For pharmaceutical CEOs, it is not enough to recognize the emerging changes facing the industry. Their biggest challenge is translating the impact of these changes on business and operating models in a holistic way to adapt swiftly and decisively to disruption. The lesson from other disrupted industries is loud and clear. Pharmaceutical companies cannot just partially adjust existing business and operating models when the fundamental rules of engagement change so dramatically.

Currently, the marketplace is brimming with offerings for licensin g evaluation, market entry analysis, pharmaceutical forecasting, pricing analysis, and more. And as pharmaceuticals have many options to choose from, they often face the challenge of selecting vendors that cater to their management needs.

In this edition, Healthcare Tech Outlook has shortlisted the best-of-breed pharmacy management solution providers to guide organizations in this landscape, tackle today’s challenges and increase their revenue potential. With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories, the featured companies are continually proving their mettle. We hope this issue of the Healthcare Tech Outlook helps you register growth and create better revenue streams.

We present to you “Top 10 Pharmacy Management Solution Providers in UK 2021.”

    Top Pharmacy Management Solution Companies in UK

  • Dataplast provides software solutions to various developmental pharmacies and other SMB players in the market. Dataplast brings two core offerings to the market: Dataplast Navigator and Dataplast Warehouse management. While the former is a NEXT-GEN purchase and stock management solution for pharmacies, the latter helps pharmacy groups and medicine wholesalers to manage their warehouse effectively. Data Navigator is used for cascading and flow control, increasing the margin, improving the ordering compliance, and preventing ordering products with the price over the drug tariff. Built by the prowess of cutting-edge technology that significantly increases the medicine warehouse's speed and accuracy, Dataplast Warehouse management improves productivity and reduces labour costs. It is also capable of receiving electronic orders from the pharmacy PMRs or Dataplast Navigator.

  • Now Healthcare Group

    Now Healthcare Group

    Now Healthcare Group are pioneers at the forefront of the health care revolution and aims to enhance access to healthcare for everyone. The NHS is evolving, and digital innovation is empowering patients’ by giving them the choice to access GP video consultations, via bespoke mobile technology and the ease of ordering their prescriptions, from the comfort of their home or workplace. Now Healthcare's new £1.5m digital Pharmacy has been kitted out with the optimum robotic technology to streamline processes and service and fulfil medicines for thousands of patients. The company works with millions of people across the world and provide GP consultations, medical advice and prescriptions for employees of many corporate clients, including Aviva.

  • Charac


    Charac’s mission is to empower independent community pharmacies to deliver more revenue-generating private services, reducing their reliance on NHS revenues and making them more accessible to their local communities through digital touchpoints. Additionally, Charac provides an important and under-recognised service for patients to ensure sustained treatment supporting medication adherence and decrease the overall burden on the wider NHS. That's why, a number of innovative pharmacies have already embraced the idea of digitisation and have joined the Charac platform.

  • DrDoctor


    DrDoctor is a patient engagement platform that helps the NHS activate patients in their care and increase capacity through waitlist validation and remote management. The company is on a mission to improve efficiency in healthcare, and ultimately enable the NHS to break the enormous backlog of patients needing care. DrDoctor's cloud-based patient management tools automate and virtualise processes and care, so that doctors can focus on their patients, and that patients can engage as true partners in their care. DrDoctor houses some of the most skilled, talented, and passionate people in the industry. We love the NHS, and we love what we do.

  • Falsified Medicines App

    Falsified Medicines App

    Falsified Medicines App is a standalone app to decommission medicines from the EU Repository. Easy to install, simple to use, robust and reliable. The application is stand alone, straight forward and has 80+ hospitals, a number of small community pharmacy chains and a supplier to Vets decommissioning with my App (number growing daily). The application can be used at any part of the medicines supply process allowing decommissioning to take place at receipt or supply. It is suitable for hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy and other primary care scenarios.

  • Healthera


    Healthera operates a leading healthcare marketplace that provides patients with medicines, healthcare services and products through the largest digital platform of pharmacies and GPs in the UK, including national chains and independent providers. The company focuses on digitising and automating primary care processes in order to improve prescribing efficiency and patient experience while reducing wastage for the NHS. In partnership with over 1000 pharmacies and CCGs across the UK, Healthera has a reach of over 20 million. Healthera's technology is accredited by NHS Digital and we are one of the fastest-growing digital health companies in Europe.

  • MedAdvisor


    MedAdvisor is a world-class medication management platform focused on addressing the gap and burden of medication adherence. Founded with a desire to simplify medication management, the highly automated and intuitive Australian software system connects patients to their local pharmacy, providing them with real time visibility and access to their personal medication records. Its smart reminders, skip the queue and pre-ordering capabilities have seen high engagement from users and a 20% increase in medication adherence. Available free on mobile and internet devices, the platform improves convenience and access to healthcare. MedAdvisor also owns OzDocsOnline which means both pharmacies and patients can communicate electronically with their GPs to order scripts and other services.

  • Patient Access

    Patient Access

    Patient Access connects its clients to local health services, helping them book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and discover local health services via mobile or home computer. The company is on a mission to empower people to get better and stay well by providing personalised access to health services. is the UK's leading independent health website, providing trusted clinical information and healthy living advice to millions of global visitors every week. Patient Access is the UK’s biggest online health services platform with over 10 million users and counting. By connecting GP community pharmacy services with clinical content and tools, Patient help users better manage their healthcare.

  • PharmaDoctor


    PharmaDoctor’s vision is to help reshape future healthcare services so that they are both convenient and accessible for patients and consumers. PharmaDoctor is the leading provider of pharmacy Patient Group Directions (PGDs) in the UK. With an expanding list of over 100 fully supported pharmacy PGDs available over a wide range of therapeutic areas, it is no wonder PharmaDoctor has become the preferred partner for pharmacies wishing to expand their Clinical Service offerings to their customers and patients. PharmaDoctor works closely with the leading UK pharmacy groups and independent pharmacies to support them to provide PGD-based clinical services including: Travel Health Clinics; Seasonal Health Clinics; Women's Health Clinics; Men's Health Clinics; Sexual Health Clinics; Skincare Clinics; Vaccination Clinics and General Health Clinics.

  • SmartMed


    SmartMed was born from a desire to make a difference and enhance the levels of health care provided to millions of people across the world. The company enhances health care provision to developing world countries, including Bangladesh, through the use of innovative and effective mobile technologies. SmartMed's apps help health workers in remote areas of developing countries to take samples and measures and then remotely transfer that data, in real-time, for diagnosis in the City clinics and hospitals.