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Top 10 Pharmacy Management Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

With a rising demand for healthcare and falling budgets, governments and tax-payers are exerting pressure to drive down prices. Shifts in the business model and a refocus on new playfields can help pharmaceutical firms adapt to disruption. But even these changes are unlikely to generate the kinds of growth and revenue that shareholders demand. Only through a complete organizational transformation can today’s leading companies maintain influence and earnings.

For pharmaceutical CEOs, it is not enough to recognize the emerging changes facing the industry. Their biggest challenge is translating the impact of these changes on business and operating models in a holistic way to adapt swiftly and decisively to disruption. The lesson from other disrupted industries is loud and clear. Pharmaceutical companies cannot just partially adjust existing business and operating models when the fundamental rules of engagement change so dramatically.

Currently, the marketplace is brimming with offerings for licensin g evaluation, market entry analysis, pharmaceutical forecasting, pricing analysis, and more. And as pharmaceuticals have many options to choose from, they often face the challenge of selecting vendors that cater to their management needs.

In this edition, Healthcare Tech Outlook has shortlisted the best-of-breed pharmacy management solution providers to guide organizations in this landscape, tackle today’s challenges and increase their revenue potential. With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories, the featured companies are continually proving their mettle. We hope this issue of the Healthcare Tech Outlook helps you register growth and create better revenue streams.

We present to you “Top 10 Pharmacy Management Solution Providers in Europe 2021,”

    Top Pharmacy Management Solution Companies in Europe

  • Provides a comprehensive and powerful suite of tools and services that helps pharmacists and laboratories improve communication and marketing

  • BD Rowa

    BD Rowa

    BD Rowa™ develops, produces, and markets its products from the company’s headquarters in Kelberg, Germany. All in all, there are 500 members of staff working there on the innovations with which more than 4 million people come into contact every day worldwide. Entrepreneurial pioneering spirit, fascination for complex technical processes, customer orientation and innovative products have made Rowa the market leader in a very short time. Pharmacy robots from BD Rowa™ offers more space and flexibility right across the board. One gets more time for customers, more space for ideas, and more availability for employees.

  • Europharmacy


    Europharmacy is the most dynamic presence in the field of pharmacy computerization with the No. 1 pharmacy management program, nationwide, euromedica. Its active potential consists of experienced analysts and programmers, pioneers in the field of computerization of the Hellenic Pharmacy. Particular emphasis has been placed on support, which is why the company has been awarded in recent years by pharmacists themselves winning the Platinum Award for pharmacy services and support . The consequence , the responsibility , the reliability and innovative ideas are some of the features that distinguish it. Following the developments and keeping pace with the requirements of the modern pharmacy, created a new , complete , modern , flexible and smart pharmacy management program.

  • Haiku


    Haiku Sign is the simplest digital communication tool for pharmacies. It is a complete Digital Signage solution - a form of proximity communication at the point of sale, in public spaces or inside buildings, the contents of which are shown to the recipients through displays or video projectors specially set up in the physical locations - including software, hardware and dedicated connectivity for your pharmacy. Also, Haiku is the fastest-growing in-pharmacy digital advertising platform in Italy, helping hundreds of pharmacists every day to assist over 7 million individual customer interactions per year.

  • Logitools


    Logitools are specialists in health management tools, where simplicity of use and reliability guarantee productivity. The customer is always the center of Logitools' attention, it is the main reason for their existence. Logitools permanently invest in innovation, they insert new technologies and new approaches in its solutions, making its use simpler, more reliable and functional. Logitools value and respect people because they are the great differentiator and that makes everything possible. The company believes that the only way to grow in a more just society is to value social responsibility. Logitools obtain economic profitability to allow present and future sustainability.

  • Medinoxx


    Medinoxx GmbH is striving to become one of the leading suppliers of qualitative and safe medication management systems on the healthcare market. The Medinoxx sealed-cup system was developed with the aim of offering pharmacies both a high quality and flexible system. Both solid and liquid drugs can be cup-sealed in one tray, therefore offering your customers a full supply for the first time. Not only liquids, but also problematic drugs such as moisture-sensitive effervescent tablets or soft gelatine capsules that tend to stick can be cupsealed. Compared to conventional medication management systems, up to 90% of all required drugs can be packed.

  • pharma Smart

    pharma Smart

    pharma Smart is the digital, integrated and scalable solution to rapidly develop the presence of your pharmacy on the web. The pharma Smart solutions all respond to the logic of mobile-first development , that is, made thinking mainly of mobile users , in continuous growth, increasingly demanding and sensitive to new technologies. The pharma Smart idea was born from the long experience gained in more than ten years of activity in the field of e-commerce. The profound technological transformations that in the last decade have transformed the world of traditional commerce, which is increasingly losing ground compared to the online one, have meant that the web, today, has become a fundamental tool for doing business , also and above all in pharmacy , maintaining the relationship with its customers.

  • Pharmagest Interactive

    Pharmagest Interactive

    Pharmagest develop innovative technological solutions to improve the comfort and health of patients and to strengthen the role of pharmacist's health coordinator. Thanks to its solutions, Pharmagest improve compliance, reduce hospitalizations, provide patient-care and allow healthcare professionals to better monitor and support their patients at home, in retirement homes or in nursing homes. With more than 900 employees, the PHARMAGEST Group has expertise in all areas of High Technology IT related to Health and the specialized trades associated with it: pharmacy IT, solutions for e-Health, solutions for laboratories, solutions for patients.

  • Smart Rx

    Smart Rx

    Smart Rx is a complete solution that allows to control all the performance levers of pharmacy, from invoicing to inventory management, including patient care, team coaching, interior design. and communication. With Smart Rx, one will enter the world of connected pharmacy. Smart Rx provides access to brand new tools to interact with pharmacy, almost from anywhere. Moreover, the company will also allow its clients to interact with other pharmacies and health professionals as well. All this thanks to the ultra-secure connections, which will guarantee the confidentiality of its clients' data.

  • Winpharma


    winAutopilote® generates, sends and receives more than 85% of daily orders, revolutionizing the daily life of pharmacists by freeing up a lot of time. Alexandre Karpov created the Winpharma software at the request of a pharmacist friend Rithy Lim who is looking for the effectiveness of a new generation software for his shopping center pharmacy. Alexandre Karpov studies software on the market to advise his friend. Not finding anything powerful enough, Alexandre decides to create software for Rithy's pharmacy.